Design and Engineering

As an award winning professional design firm with an impressive variety of skills and experience. We help our clients by identifying their needs, drafting a design brief, identifying their competition, focusing on their customers' satisfactions through to production specification, prototyping and testing.


Whether it is a new product or an existing one we always start fresh. From consumers needs to product's performance through to its end of life; our research approach is holistic and unique to truly understand the need helping our clients developing their product or service.

Sustainability and Value Management

In Sustainable Design (SD), it is important to consider all the sustainability elements (Social, Environmental, and Economical) at all stages of the Product Life Cycle (PLC). As a result, SD increases the complexity of a design project and imposes a heavy burden on the designers, which makes it more difficult for them to propose a design solution that satisfies all the requirements of the given design brief and meets the needs of all stakeholders.


We facilitate the integration of Value Management (VM) into SD, covering the whole Product Life Cycle (PLC). We introduce sustainability as a set of high level performance requirements. Mapping these high level requirements onto the key parameters that define the product and have greatest effect on the product’s sustainability. A focus on these key parameters could accelerate the implementation of sustainability at the very early stage of the design project. VM is used to establish the topology and weightings of the hierarchical mapping.

Overview of our additional services

- Modelling: Clay modelling, casting and blue foam modelling.


- Presentation: Preparing for international shows, producing business plans, and promoting new ideas.


- Languages: Fluent in Arabic & English with interpretation and translation skills: Arabic-English/English-Arabic.


- Intellectual Property: Drafting UK and European patens and renewing them annually.


To find out more about our services:

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