I am Ahmed Kebba El Halabi, a product design engineer and a founder of Kebba Co (UK) Ltd. Design allows me to transform images in my mind into something tangible. Finding a solution to a design proposal and problem solving is where my expertise fits in. I have successfully completed 3 degrees; BEng Automotive Engineering, BA Transport and Product Design and MSc in Sustainable Product Design. From an early age, I have found design fascinating. Whether it was a chair that i sat on, a car that i drove or even a spoon that i ate with; they all started as a design proposal or a solution to a need. This ability to convert imagination into reality intrigues me.


Sustainable Design

I see sustainability as a performance requirement from the very early stage of the design process. I found that current tools tend to concentrate on high level requirements, and offer relatively few means for the designer to assess directly the consequences of specific design choices on the overall sustainability of a product over its whole life cycle. Hence I am exploring the concept of mapping these performance requirements onto the parameters that define the product. A new, holistic, conceptual framework was devised to facilitate this integration and focus on these key parameters to accelerate the implementation of sustainability at the very early stage of the design project.



UK Intellectual Property Office:

5 different Grant of Patent Certificates. GB2370860, GB2370593, GB2370252, GB2370311 and GB2429146.


Geneva International Invention Show, Geneva, Switzerland:

Two Diploma Certificates, Gold and Silver Medals and an Award of Excellent Achievement.


Research & Enterprise Development Competition, University of Bristol, UK:

The fourth prize for the Best New Business Idea.


British Invention Show, London, UK:

A gold medal for The British Invention of the Year and a silver Grand Final Award for the Best International Invention of the Year


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